[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] What caught my eye about The Sanctuary Melting Pearls Body Butter is the ‘melting pearl’ element. I don’t think I can remember seeing those in a body product before. Whenever I come across encapsulation, I have an overwhelming urge to burst them – usually, they’re encased in a bottle and smoosh themselves when they come out of the pump applicator (unacceptable to a compulsive smoosher) so I can only stare at them. However, in this formula, there they are, all ready to be squished.

The Sanctuary Melting Pearls Body Butter

The joy! I will pick them up on their seven day hydration claim though – it feels like over-enthusiastic marketing to me because it just cannot be the case that during seven baths or showers using wash or soap your skin will retain the moisture. It’s not really a provable point because I’m not spending seven days unwashed just to see – I mean, who would?

The Sanctuary Melting Pearls Body Butter

Scent wise, I find it very mild which is fine for me – warm, comforting and a bit amberish I think but definitely a scent you can live with and won’t intrude on any of your fragrances. The finish on the skin is beautiful – it feels very lightly film forming which means it will indeed hold your moisture in (not for seven days though, marketing). My skin felt supple and softened. Now, those pearls….

The Sanctuary Melting Pearls Body Butter

… I couldn’t not get hands-on with them. What’s interesting is that when I ‘dissected’ a pearl it smooshed nicely but that almost waxy pellet didn’t rub in too well. However, when I used it post bath on my body, they dissolved perfectly so warmth definitely helps them to behave smoothly. Boots has this on offer for £11.25 HERE and that feels very reasonable to me.


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