[unpaid/sample] It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen any ButterLondon nail polish – does anyone remember the heady days of Yummy Mummy fever? I checked back on older posts – 2018 and 2015 which shows the gaps – and it’s actually quite a different brand now.  It was acquired in 2018 by Astral Brands (who also own PUR) in the USA but was founded in the UK (hence the name!).

ButterLondon Nail Polish

There’s clearly a distribution problem for the UK – it’s very hard to get hold of. The USA site shows how the brand has expanded into body care and cosmetics and you can still buy Yummy Mummy, but here, it sits in potted sections across a few sites – the USA site directs to butterlondon.uk which then directs to back to search. However, I know they have active PR so perhaps something is on the change – I hope so… nobody does architectural shades quite like ButterLondon. It’s anyone’s guess why one of them has a completely different brush to the others and another has a different label.

ButterLondon Nail Polish

The shades I have here are all at Nail Polish Direct and they’re on offer from £15 to £12.95. NPD seems to have a good selection of colours (yes, including Yummy Mummy!) so that’s where I’ll direct you. The colours are All Hail The Queen (golden beige shade), Toff (milky maroon) and Ace (purple).

ButterLondon Nail Polish (Toff)

You know, it feels like a brand that doesn’t have a direction – not enough love poured in or perhaps nobody with a nail passion behind it. I can distinctly remember sitting with co-founder and artistic director (at the time) Nonie Creme in Sketch as she showed me the colours of this ‘new’ brand and being absolutely blown away by a) her and b) the colours, which were such a new direction for nail colours to take. More Farrow & Ball than Dulux I think describes it best, colour-wise.

ButterLondon Nail Polish

So, the winner for me is Toff because it feels like a perfect autumn shade – it’s not obviously plum or purple because of the murkiness behind it but still has the season’s vibes. You can find the ButterLondon selection HERE.




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