Given that a dash to Sainsburys or Tesco is now the highlight of my week (occasionally I will walk to my nearest M&S) I’m paying a bit more attention to what they are offering, beauty wise. After loving my Sainsburys Christmas candle with the little robin on it, I thought I’d give them another try with this set of four that was £9.

Sainsbury’s Candle Review

The set contains Elegant Rose, Sandalwood Blossom, Peony Blush and Blooming Garden. I have been burning Elegant Rose and Blooming Garden together to create a sort of tropical rose scent. Blooming Garden is neroli, ylang ylang, jasmine, rose and gardenia with an amber base, while Elegant Rose is a fruity rose with cassis and blackcurrant. Now, I don’t say these are on a par with Jo Malone, etc, but they’re really good day to day candles that allow you to fragrance your rooms perfectly adequately.

Sainsbury’s Candle Review

The rose version very much smells like rose without being the clear and crisp rose that I prefer. Blooming Garden is a generic floral but ylang ylang is the most present of the notes listed. Bizarrely, my Sainsburys Christmas Candle and Sainsburys Candles has a high Google ranking so is one of my most looked at posts ever (along with FaceGym and I have no idea why other than it has the word ‘review’ in it and people are still looking for trusted reviews before they make a purchase). The idea that a £2 mini candle drives more traffic than any reviews of premium brands gives you an insight into the randomness of search and SEO drivers. But it also tells you that people are curious about candle brands that give value for money as well a beautiful scents. I don’t fancy the Sandalwood at all although it’s strong in the box, so I’ll give it away, while Peony Blush is very light and a bit, well, uninspiring. So, it’s a mixed bag but I’d be happy to have either Rose or Blooming Garden on the burn. I think the bottom line is that if you are a fragrance aficionado, these probably won’t be for you because they’re not refined in the same way a luxury candle is, but if you’re more happy-go-lucky on scent, then they will be.

I bought these in store – I don’t see them on line, but it’s well worth dropping a Sainsburys candle in your basket to see if you get along with them.

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