[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad/prioradrelationship] Lots of new goodies coming up from The Body Shop including these two fragrances which are beautiful additions to their range. If you like your rose with some power behind it, Rebel Rosebud fits the bill.

The Body Shop Rebel Rosebud Review

The Body Shop Rebel Rosebud Review starts off innocently enough – a little bit sweet, a little bit soapy – until the amber kicks in a then it’s a whole other thing entirely! The amber ramps up the warmth and gives a little hint of spice too – it’s not rosebuds as we know them. If you’re already a fan of The Body Shop fragrances, Rebel Rosebud is a new take on the original Rose Fixation – new design, same fragrance. If you like your rose sharp and lemony, this isn’t for you, but if you like it embracing and fulsome with a sweet note, it certainly is. You can find it for £20 HERE. If you’re on the fence, I’d suggest the body mist, which is £12 HERE, and will give you a good taster without the commitment.

The Body Shop Glowing Cherry Blossom

Glowing Cherry Blossom is the new look version of Japanese Cherry Blossom so if you already know it and love it, don’t worry, it’s the same. This is the opposite of Rebel Rosebud – it’s light, flowery, a tiny bit fruity and the easiest wear for spring. It’s not sharp but neither is it soft – it has a bit of sparkle to it. Osmathus gives its own kind of apricot note which is where the fruit comes from although I’m not sure I could pick it out exactly as that. If you’re heading off to admire the blossoms, this is a lovely companion. It’s also £20 HERE.

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