[unpaid/sample] I went to Professional Beauty yesterday with my friend Genevieve – I think regular readers will remember it from previous years, but if not, it’s a professional beauty trade show that showcases products and devices, mainly for spas and salons. But it’s always worth a look to see if there is anything new. This year, there wasn’t all that much that caught my interest – a French nail brand and Happy Paul. If I take you a really long way back to the time I said I hated mineral make up because it’s too dusty, and the MD of Mii sent me some mineral make up and a dust pan and brush that made me laugh – well, Happy Paul is created by that same person.

Happy Paul Fragrance

I think you could say that it’s a unisex fragrance oil but if we talk in traditional perfumery terms, it’s more male than female. I liked it straight away because my nose found the spearmint and eucalyptus first but as the wear went on, the other notes became more apparent. Happy Paul Fragrance has plenty of notes and I think your nose will find its own favourites, but bergamot, spearmint and lemon wrapped in cedarwood and vetivert (amongst others) will give you the right idea of how fresh and woody this is. It’s warmed by a dash of jasmine and that’s what helps it settle onto the skin so it fits like a glove. I know my son would absolutely adore this so I’m keeping it for him.

Happy Paul Fragrance

But, there’s more to Happy Paul than meets the eye. It’s not my story to tell but there is very good reason that a (listed) proportion of profits go to YoungMinds, a charity that helps young people struggling with their mental health. I don’t think you will need any input from me to know what a struggle accessing services has been for anyone with mental health issues, and that includes young people. The fragrance is actually called Bright Spice and that sums it up perfectly – you can get body wash, cleanser, scrub and moisturiser in the range too. It would be fair to say that Happy Paul Fragrance is aimed at younger men (although it think it will appeal across the board) who can often struggle with their mental wellness and for a million societal reasons don’t get noticed quite as much as they should. See, this is what the beauty industry can come up with if it really tries – Happy Paul has made a commitment to Youngminds because it really matters to the founder that it gets as much support as he – and happy customers – can give it. You can find Happy Paul HERE (£21) and Youngminds HERE.


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