[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’m a push over for a hair fragrance but this is next level – you could so easily wear it as a regular fragrance too because it’s extremely generous. I love a night bloom scent and this blend of Indian tuberose, ylang-ylang and gardenia is a very heady blend indeed.

BDK Tubereuse Imperiale Hair Perfume

The last time I reviewed a BDK fragrance (HERE) it was the lipsticky Tabac Rose which gave me the best possible introduction to this relatively new brand, founded in 2016. I also noted that it’s little wonder the established fragrance brands (Dior, Lauder, Chanel, for example) are so concerned about the upsurge of independent perfume brands carving boldly into their profits. The back story to BDK is delightful – founded by David Benedek who has Romanian/Moroccan heritage with grandparents hailing from Transylvania. The said grandparents were the first authorised distributors of luxury fragrances such as Dior and Worth back in the 1950’s which is where I suspect much of David’s inspiration comes from. There is certainly that fulsome familiarity you might find in something like L’Inderdit.

BDK Tubereuse Imperiale Hair Perfume

Tubereuse Imperiale is really a melting pot of notes – geranium, jasmine, cashmeran and patchouli (which I can’t smell at all) amongst a long list but the predominating notes to my nose are jasmine, ylang ylang and tubereuse. There’s a creaminess to it that I imagine comes from magnolia and I think I can detect a bit of smokiness that comes from iris. It’s a scent you don’t need a lot of for it to be impactful – I mean, I’d do a shy spritz of your tresses and leave it at that and you will still be delicious and – going to say it, sexy. It is a sexy scent because night blooms can be almost animalic – it’s that plus skin plus deep florals and it’s quite amazing! The hair fragrance is £55 HERE  non affiliate HERE. The actual fragrance, if you’re going all in, is £170.



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