[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Oh my – if you’re looking for a fragrance treat that won’t stretch your wallet too hard, the new Clinique My Happy Fragrances are prime candidates. I’ve lost track of Clinique a bit I must admit and certainly lost sight completely of its fragrance offerings so these are a very welcome jog of my olfactory memories of Happy.

New Clinique My Happy Fragrances

If you’re out of touch too, these are 15ml scents are layering fragrances which stand well on their own too. I don’t know that I’d think to buy them for layering because I find them quite strong and I’m not sure if I’d be doubling the scent volume or merging it. I’ve put Baby Bouquet over Cookies and Kisses and all I could smell at first was Baby Bouquet and now all I can smell is Cookies, so they seem to have spent their time fighting each other.

New Clinique My Happy Fragrances

So, let’s start with Cookies and Kisses. It’s certainly not for me because I don’t want to spend the day smelling of biscuits, but if baked apple and vanilla (it smells like cake batter to me) is your thing and you love a gourmand, it will be a delight. Baby Bouquet is very much right up my street – I love it – mandarin, orange flower and musk. It’s the closest to the thread that ties Clinique to sister brand, Estee Lauder, together. Think back in the day EL with Beautiful and Private Collection rather than the travesty of Modern Muse. I’ve just spotted that in Solid Fragrances, Estee Lauder has a Disney tie-in HERE and have discovered that a mouse in a diamante shoe on a cushion (from Cinderella) is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a while and has made me want to start collecting again. Stop me. Indigo Mist has a fresher aspect and again, is quite ‘Lauder’. It’s aquatic with bluebell, melon and violet leaf – you definitely pick up the lush bluebell from it although the cashmeran and orris were a bit lost on me.

Clinique My Happy Fragrances

So, I’d suggest not going the layering route (i.e. thinking you need more than one) unless you are absolutely convinced by it – each one has enough personality and characteristic to stand well on its own and they feel like an absolute steal and treat at under £20 (free standard postage). They’re pretty, fun, uplifting and full of the joys of spring. You can find them HERE, non-affiliate HERE.


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