[unpaid/sample/ad] Really, the KeraStraight Moisture Boost mask is for dry and damaged hair – if your hair is coarse, it’s ideal really because it’s very softening and allows some bouncy where otherwise there might not be any. For fine, dry hair or damaged hair, the Protein Boost is more lightweight and fits well with my hair type.

KeraStraight Protein Mask & Pre-Treatment Cleanser

Usually, I have no time at all for pre-anything – they always seem like unnecessary things where other products could do the same job or, gasp, you could do without it altogether. But, in this case, the Pre-Treatment is to really cleanse out the hair of any other product residue so that the mask can do the job of smoothing and softening tresses without just becoming another product pile on. I should also add that this treatment was previously in-salon only – it’s taken Covid to trust us to do it ourselves :-). Ideally, give your hair two rinses with the Pre-Treatment before applying the mask.

Once you’ve applied the mask (a small amount – this is a concentrated product), massage it throughout and leave for a bit before gently combing it through. Then dry your hair completely with a hair dryer before rinsing out. The whole thing should take about half an hour before you have to dry it again or leave to air dry. Using hydrolised wheat protein as the strong arm, you will certainly see a difference in texture. Mine is very soft and silky – it’s notable that my bed-head isn’t as dreadful in the mornings because my hair falls into place as soon as I get up. So, I’d suggest that this is an exceptionally good treatment for anyone who has to literally drag a comb though their knotty hair in the mornings (thus causing further damage and ending up in a relentless Catch 22). The brand claims a month’s benefit from one treatment so the pot will last a good while – I imagine the Pre-Treatment will be gone before the mask in which case, use any gentle clarifying shampoo. I only used this last week so can’t say whether the month’s benefit is optimistic but I’d be happy doing this every couple of weeks anyway. The set is £38 HERE.

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