[samples] Since my scalp is in a happy condition (touch wood) this post is for information only as I haven’t been able to test it with any issues to solve on myself. It’s also a tricky one to farm out to friends because I feel hesitant to start a conversation with.. ‘so, I notice you have dandruff’.

Ameliorate Scalp Care

It’s obviously not just about having a flaky scalp – dry, itchy and tight scalps (I’ve now said ‘scalp’ in my head so many times I’ve Googled the origin of the word which is Middle English of Scandinavian origin denoting the skull or cranium) can also get relief. The range is split into five products: Transforming Scalp Serum, Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant, Clarifying Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and Soothing Scalp Essence all using Ameliorate’s LaH6 Skin Hydration Complex which has lactic acid at the heart of it. We’ve seen it work well in the brand’s skin care (it’s easily the best UK product for bumpy skin) and their clinicals for use on the scalp are solid.

Ameliorate Scalp Care

The brand claims 7 days to significantly improve the appearance of a dry, flaky and red scalp which, if you suffer with your scalp, are golden words. You can pick and choose your products, obviously, but I would recommend the starter set so you can try everything and then whittle down from there. The Clarifying Scalp Exfoliant caught my attention as something that anyone, issues or not, could benefit from as it contains non-abrasive cellulose exfoliant that won’t interrupt the scalp’s pH balance. It’s all fragrance free, by the way, and while each product uses different ingredients, the key soothers are there, such as oat oil and pre-biotics. *NB: Shampoo and Conditioner are NOT fragrance free. Apologies.

I know the formulators for this one – they’re 100% reliable, methodical and results driven which gives me complete confidence in the products. I can’t say that about many products to be honest, so I’m glad to be able to say it on this. You can find the new scalp collection HERE with the starter kit at £45.



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