[productsample/affiliate] When this product initially launched, it sold out within days and I can see why. Everyone with curly hair wants straight hair and everyone with straight hair wants curls – it’s the law of beauty!

GHD Glide Hot Brush Review

I’ve waited for a hot day where my hair is full of moisture from the humidity to put this to the test properly (on IGTV if you want to watch it HERE) and with hair like a ball of wet wool, I put it through its paces earlier in the week. Usually, I use straighteners (also GHD) and the Glide is the same price (£139) – I end up needing them more in summer than winter (unless it’s misty in which case they don’t leave my side) because I’m frizz prone. My hair has a naturally light curl to it and I almost always iron the waves out.

GHD Glide Hot Brush Review

It’s very simple to use – you plug it in, wait for the white light on the indicator to go from flashing to steady and that’s it. You then run it through your hair as you would a normal brush. I’ve seen it used on all hair types from straight to textured but couldn’t get quite the lavishly poker straight results on mine. What it is excellent for is smoothing out the frizz and bringing back shine – my shine came back after a couple of passes of the Glide – but if you’re hoping for the same results as straighteners, that didn’t happen for me – nearly, but not quite. I think it’s extremely handy for those days when you wake up with a frizz ball and don’t have time to attend to it fully – brushing with the Glide will certainly take the worst of it out but because there is no ‘grip’ as there would be with irons, it’s doesn’t have quite the same heft. It does have more heft than that Dafni if you remember that one – my daughter still uses it but I think she’ll prefer the Glide because it is an improved version with more hold to the hair and a better result.

My feeling is that it’s probably optimum on mid-wave or straight hair, very useful for a quick pre-meeting, pre-outing pass over to get the gloss and sleekness back but for me it doesn’t replace straighteners. I’d say it’s the perfect hair tool to have in the office drawer to cover off all hair eventualities that befall you on the commute – this is Britain with weather that is determined to defeat us! It’s HERE.

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