[unpaid/sample] When your brand is actually called Sunless [by Jimmy Coco] but everyone just calls it Jimmy Coco because the name is too good you forget about the actual title you know it’s a winner. There are so many self-tans around – my go-to has always been Tan Luxe but when JC brings out a self tan face serum I know where my money is going.

Jimmy Coco Self TanYou don’t really feel like you should put a body mousse on your face but it’s fine – more than fine actually, I’m being pedantic in wanting a specific ‘face’ product because in this instance, it’s really not needed. There’s an excellent, velvety mitt (would like a face size one of these please) that is definitely an aid to application rather than a spongy mess.

Jimmy Coco Self Tan

Jimmy Coco is self-tanner to the stars – I wouldn’t normally be swayed by this hype except for the fact that he really is and he’s given proper thought to the complexities of tone matching via a simple ID system. It goes from ID1 to ID5 – I’ve used ID1 Tan Extender which is either for the lightest tones or to top up a natural tan to give it last. I would say that ID1 Tan Extender is your starter tan for very light skin – you can add as many layers as you like. The whole system is designed to layer – I used two layers of Extender to just look lightly sunkissed but I’d probably advance to ID2 next time. There’s an immediate effect of light tint that, because of the inclusion of a small amount of DHA, will deepen over time (about 6 hours).

Before & After

With all tans, there is the risk of it drying your skin – I feel the culprit is DHA – but there was no sign whatsoever of any dryness on my face with ID1. To counteract this, Jimmy Coco has used Pentavitin – aka Saccharide Isomerate – a naturally derived plant extract for its hydrating properties. Along with a dash of hyaluronic and blue daisy it seems to do the trick.  It’s £28.89 HERE and a big recommend from me – especially for nervous self-tanners, first timers or those blessed with a porcelain skin tone.

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