[purchase/gift/affiliate/ad] This week is being impossible! I am just doing this one post today and then taking the rest of the day off to deal with all the things that have been piling up – admin mainly. So, a couple of fashion purchases and one gifted to tell you about. First up, if you don’t own a false collar, they are one of the most useful things you can possibly have if you like a collar. My days of feeling comfortable in a round neck are gone – whether it’s a sweatshirt or a jumper but I do not like the bulk of a shirt underneath. I solved this with Me & Em’s genius collar t-shirts which inexplicably they stopped making, so a false collar is the next best thing.

False Collar

A problem with being short is that while jumper sleeves are easy to push up, shirt and jumper sleeves together just look cumbersome – add a coat and you can barely move. I wear Uniqlo bra tops almost all of the time so I have the extra layer already and popping the collar over your head before your sweater gives the illusion of a full shirt with none of the absolute faff. Although they featured strongly at recent fashion weeks, they’re few and far between to find although I have risked a buy from Amazon in black. Noticed that all the nice dresses have no collars? I’m hoping a false black collar is the answer to that.  I located this pearly one at River Island for £14 HERE. Wear it under your cashmere, fair isle, sweatshirts or your dress to add in the missing bit of your outfit.

This glorious camo hoodie (£45) was sent to me by The Vegan Happy Clothing Company HERE – I really hadn’t thought about clothing being vegan any further than not wearing fur or leather. I don’t wear fur but do wear leather and I’m not a vegan but am a big fan of a hoodie. We’re all trying to make more conscious decisions about the fashion industry and how we contribute – I’m certainly buying less and looking after what I have a bit better. Clothing that’s produced in a consciously vegan way means things like no silk threads, no animal by products in dyes or processes and being ethical throughout the production chain. This is also fair trade – of course. I’ve worn the hoodie several times – it’s long line so does a great job at keeping the bum warm and it’s fleecy inside so cosy as anything. I look like a should be setting off on a Tough Mudder but the most action it has seen is a slow walk with an old poodle and that suits me FINE! There’s a good selection of exercise wear as well – and it’s very reasonably priced (compared to say, Sweaty Betty that I was look at yesterday with my mouth open – £90 for leggings!).


Finally, because I cannot ever resist a bit of animal print – this absolute bargain from H&M at £12.99. There are several patterns for this style which has a high collar – yay, a collar! It’s light and floaty – size 12 fits like a glove on me (my hoodie by the way is L) and it goes with everything. I love the drape of it – it’s a wide, boxy shape that falls well over the midriff and skims just below crotch level (on me). I’m wearing it with jeans and a black oversize cardi but as ever, your black skinnies are your best friend for this if you want a bit more glam than jeans. It’s HERE. So, that’s me over and out for the day – wish me luck with my admin and see you tomorrow. x

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