[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s not often that I label something a must-have but here we are. Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo has put all other dry shampoos in the shade with it’s (actually true) just-washed claim. This kind of product is where beauty technology gets exciting – it’s designed to mimic the cleaning process of a rinse-out shampoo and while nothing truly can replicate exactly that, it’s pretty damn close. I’ve tested this on myself and on Lucy (we have completely different hair types) and the results are very impressive indeed. It’s the kind of product you need to have in your SOS stash – when you know your hair ideally needs a wash before you dash out but you neither have the time or the inclination to do it.

Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo

It works on a fast absorption powder system but with conditioning agents – you spritz it in generously going both under and over your hair sections. Leave it for 30 seconds and then brush out. The result is hair that looks swishy in a newly washed way. In use, we both found that you need to be very generous with application – Lucy went just for top section first without bothering to go under and the result was a strange mix of clean and lanky hair! She went back and did the undersection and quite genuinely skipped her hair wash for that day. It has a sebum balancing element as well as odour neutralising and pollution protection and there is not a trace of white residue.

You need to shake it up really, really well by the way to get the best of it – the effect is reliant upon the powder being distributed properly through the carrier. I went through an oily root phase not so long ago, which seems to have passed (I put it down to over-washing) but this would have been extremely handy then. I should say that Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo is silicone free, cruelty free, colour safe and chemically treated safe. You might remember that I mentioned (maybe in a BBN) that ‘waterless’ is something that brands are very conscious of (particularly Unilever who owns Living Proof). I think perhaps realising that waterless isn’t an easy reach at all in the hair and beauty market and it’s got to be about improving existing workable products, Living Proof has really hit on such a well improved formula that it might actually stop you washing your hair quite so often, and therefore save some water. I just think of the times (pre-pandemic) where work is such a rush – dashing into London to an event and then racing home to either let the dog out or finish off that day’s blog – that anything time saving in the grooming arena is very much welcome. Events are picking up again now and although I don’t attend very many, my working life is speeding up in a way that I’m not quite ready for so I look upon products like Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo with relief, really. So, it’s £25 for the 184ml version (so I’d be eking this out quite carefully) and the travel size (83ml) is £13. Best in class so far …. find it HERE.


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