[unpaid/sample] I’ve long been a fan of CHANEL nail products – I always use their base coat and a bottle of Chanel polish remover is always an absolute treat. I have to be feeling spendy for the latter because I know that we’re not short of options to take off nail varnish and it’s a product that really doesn’t have to cost a lot. However, it makes a super gift along with a polish (or does anyone remember the Chanel cotton pads? I hope they’ll make an appearance at some point and then you have the perfect pampering gift that someone probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but would be utterly thrilled to have).

CHANEL L’Huile Camelia Nail Oil

The CHANEL L’Huile Camelia Nail Oil is a new addition to their manicure line-up – camelia is a signature Chanel ingredient and very effective so it’s no surprise to see it in this latest launch. I’ve got the same upside down logo twitches as I get with L’Occitane hand cream – I understand that taking into account someone who might want to photograph it standing up isn’t going to be high on the list of priorities but on the other hand, what difference does it make to put it the other way up so the logo is correct if someone wants to keep this upright on a shelf? I don’t understand this industry quirk! 

CHANEL L’Huile Camelia Nail Oil

Anyway, I’ll quit complaining and get to the facts. As you can see, there’s a spongy, pointed applicator so you can give your cuticles a quick nudge in the right direction as you apply. This is a good habit to get into and my nails are definitely suffering from not doing that and I think I’ll have to go for a proper manicure at some point. Claims on the nail oil are that after a month of use, nails are stronger and less prone to breakage which sounds exactly what I need so this is going into full use from now. They also promise a 40% increase in natural nail shine and I can’t say that sounds too shabby either. At £28 it’s an entry level product. It seems to be sold out on line for now but I’m sure it’s available in store (John Lewis is usually a good place to find any Chanel beauty you can’t find on-line).



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