[unpaid/sample] Yes, of course it’s lovely! The cleanser is lovely, the mist is lovely – it’s exactly what we could have hoped for from Lisa who is definitely ramping up her status in beauty retail by opening a counter in Selfridges today. For now, there is the Skin Enhancing Treatment Cleanser, the Skin And Makeup Enhancing Mist and a pack of Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloths – nice ones, not sad, floppy old muslins.

Lisa Eldridge

So, let’s start with the cleansing. As you’d expect, it features a considered ingredient list – there is plenty of detail on Lisa’s website but perhaps the most interesting are the saponins extracted from the Soapwort tree – bark, roots and leaves. Actually, Soapwort was used as far back as Roman times but I expect not in an balm-to-gel-to-milk format ;-).  Other ingredients include oat kernel oil (ceramide full), glycerin (standard), Passionfruit Seed Oil (antioxidant), meadowfoam seed oil (fatty acid fabulous – a favourite ingredient), Squalane (everyone’s favourite) and Prickly Pear oil (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory). Take your time to massage this cleanser through all its stages – cleanser isn’t on the face very long so if you want the benefits, go slow. There’s no fragrance.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Cleanser Review

The mist – well! I have used a lot of mists – I love the idea of a mist. It always feels like such a caring thing to do for yourself; when you’re all stressed and hot and busy that cloud of air and more-than-water is like a little cheek stroke. Ingredients in this are aloe vera, niacinamide, Multimoist CLR (TM) which I don’t know but binds water within the skin for better hydration, Filmexcel (R) – no idea about this either other than it’s a biopolymer nextwork that forms an invisible and traceless mesh on the skin for smoothing and tightening. In honesty, I don’t really see the difference with this but I wouldn’t be using it for those things, I’d be using it for a make-up refresh, a bare skin kiss or a hydrating cool down. I think maybe life is too short to look for lifting and tightening from a tiny spray of droplets. The last ingredient is perhaps the most important – the 8 Amino Acid complex to replicate your own natural moisturising factors. That works and that will do for me. It’s the least drying mist ever.

Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Cleanser Review

Being totally honest, the skin cleansing cloths are the same as Emma Hardie give or take so if you already have those, you won’t need these. But, they’re the best of the best and easily my favourite format of cloth for taking off make up or cleansing aside from my beloved Washi Cloths. Price-wise, the cloths are £10, the mist is £37 and the cleanser is £43. I’d have like to have seen them priced down a bit to make them more accessible – I know that a million miles of market research will have been done to set the prices and find where the range can sit comfortably with the market but I’d hoped they might be as approachable as Lisa. Still, we can hope for travel sizes to dip our toes into (not literally – or if you want, obviously :-)). Find everything HERE.


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