[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] These brand new scented bath tablets from CHANEL in the Chance Eau Tendre fragrance seems a perfect way to round off the week. Since its creation in 2010 by nose, Jacques Polges, Chance Eau Tendre has become a firm favourite of CHANEL fans for its fruity accents of quince and grapefruit.

CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre

There’s a sweet thread that runs through Chance Eau Tendre but it doesn’t quite have the signature CHANEL powdery notes to my nose. Instead, you’ll find hyacinth and jasmine, some smokiness from iris and bottom layers of musk, Virginia cedar and amber. It’s an optimistic scent – full of summer and joy – and despite some heavyweight notes, isn’t overwhelming.

CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Scented Bath Tablets

I am still saving my Factory 5 Bath Cubes – I just cannot bring myself to break into the tin quite and my new rule of not keeping everything for some unspecified ‘best’ is being sorely tested. However, as an interim CHANEL bathing experience, these are really completely lovely. A splosh, a fizz and a fragrance filled bathroom is as decadent as it gets (I mean, you could add champagne.. why not!) and the tablets feel exactly like the treat they are – special and luxurious.

CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Scented Bath Tablets

There are ten effervescent tablets in the cylinder so that’s ten evenings of bliss (although I used these in the bathroom – obviously – there was a scent trail through the whole house for some time afterwards). I’ve become a bit of a dab hand at a Lemon & Rose Drizzle Cake and there’s something about these little pink tablets that reminds me of that soft/sharp sweetness that’s full of pleasure. All you do, by the way, is make lemon drizzle as normal and use rosewater to make a water icing. I coat some real rose petals with egg white (whipped a bit) and drag through sugar. Once they harden, they’re a beautiful addition to the top of the cake. Anyway, I have digressed, it’s the weekend and I wish you all a wonderful one :-). The CHANEL Chance Eau Tendre Scented Bath Tablets are at John Lewis for £53 HERE.

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