[unpaid/sample/affililate/ad] If the scent of Monoi is catnip to you, both the Dior Solar Protective Cream and the Dior Solar After-Sun Balm have that gorgeous fragrance running through them.

Dior Solar The Protective Cream SPF50

I’m so used to using lightweight or gel formula SPFs that it’s a surprise to come across a formula that feels like it has stepped back in a time a little. However, bear with me. My lovely light-as-air SPFs are not what I’d take to the beach with me. It’s a woolly area really but if I’m truly out in the sun, by the pool or by the sea, I’d much prefer this grippy formula from Dior that feels like it’s not going to melt away in five minutes or be troubled by a splash or two. When I look on the Dior website, they’re not making any bones about it being a ‘tanning’ product and of course, if you’re going to do it, do it the most sensible way! Ingredients, aside from SPF are Plectranthus barbatus root, known to stimulate pigmentation (in theory meaning you will tan more quickly), Inositol, which is a plant based molecule known for tan enhancing and a vitamin E derivative full of antioxidants. Titanium dioxide provides the sun protection.

Dior Solar The Protective Cream SPF50

So, far from being part of the ‘never let the sun find your cheeks’ brigade, Dior Solar is the opposite – tan wisely and slowly.

Dior Solar The Protective Cream SPF50

The Dior Solar After Sun Balm is glorious in that it leaves a light monoi trail in its wake. I found it nourishing of course but wouldn’t necessary describe it as a balm. It has more body than a lotion but less body than a balm. I’d sneak this into my case as an absolute holiday treat.

It’s rich in shea butter but without the weight so you can be sure you’re getting moisture but not the sweat-inducing type. The After Sun Balm is £37 HERE and you could easily use this as a body moisturiser without being anywhere near the sun! The SPF50 is £33 HERE.


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