[unpaid/sample] More newness from CHANEL, this time in the form of the No1 De CHANEL Red Camellia Revitalizing Body Serum-In-Mist which surely should be in line for a long product name award. I’m wary of mists that are all mist and no substance if they promise extra, which this does – soothing and moisturising. Pleased to say it has the right amount of both – I can feel the freshness of the mist which then translates nicely into a hydrating skin oil.

It’s a combination of Camellia water and Camellia oil, the latter of which is the in the same concentration for the body as it is for the face. There’s no alcohol in this so you won’t get the ‘chill’ on your skin that you would with an alcohol product, and the entire product start to finish is 93% naturally derived. The texture is milky and light. No1 is a new-ish addition to the CHANEL line-up designed to be more natural and sustainable and I feel, targeted at a younger audience. The Camellia has long been an emblem of the CHANEL house and I can’t help feeling it was a matter of great luck that the oils are so skin nourishing – it first made an appearance in 1913 when the benefits can’t have been considered.

No1 De CHANEL Red Camellia Revitalizing Body Serum-In-Mist

The Body Serum-in-Mist feels like the extra accessory you know you don’t truly need but absolutely want anyway. It feels lovely on the skin if you don’t like heavy hydration but if you prefer something weightier it probably isn’t for you. It’s the sort of thing I’d take away on a special weekend as a real skin treat, a piece of luxury for the sake of it – it’s quite a small bottle (140ml) so that weekend might be the end of it! It’s £67 HERE if you feel ready for the spend.

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