[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s always a nice surprise to find that you don’t need to drop the best part of fifty quid on a decent body product. Body serums are lighter versions of body butters or lotions with a silkier feel that owes its texture – usually – to silicones. Personally, I don’t have an issue with silicones so this has been an enjoyable test.

Sanctuary Spa Vitamin C Glow Boost Body Serum

It’s recommended that you use it for two weeks to see any ‘glow’ which I haven’t done – and you need to use it on clean skin (after a shower or bath is ideal) otherwise you risk it interacting with any other lotions you already have on your skin, such as sunscreen. Silicone bases are notorious for causing product pilling. What you’ll notice straight away is the texture – which is beautiful. It’s cooling and satin-feeling and after a hot day, feels refreshing in the way that a body butter, for example, doesn’t. If you don’t like weighty product on hot skin (like me), this is perfect.

Sanctuary Spa Vitamin C Glow Boost Body Serum

If your skin is parched, however, it’s not so perfect. The hydration level is light – maybe a before-bed moisturiser because it sinks in really fast – or even before-jeans … we all know that struggle! I like its lightness and its vaguely fruity scent. Surprisingly, Niacinamide appears fourth on the ingredient list (it’s good for evening out tone) while turmeric is so far down the bottom I cannot see what it is bringing. Might be what’s known as a ‘marketing dose’ – i.e. doing nothing but there so it can appear in the description as a ‘trend’ ingredient. Anyway, all in all, for a tenner, I think it’s good value – especially as it’s the kind of sensual texture that makes you pay more attention to massage because it’s so nice to do so. It’s HERE, non affiliate HERE.


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