[purchase] I picked up Treacle Moon Bath & Shower gel the other day – maybe it’s too early in the morning for me but this is a busy store front! It carries a ‘prevented ocean plastic’ mark which turns out to mean that it’s made from collected plastic waste from coastal areas, preventing it from making its way into the sea. Who knew?

Treaclemoon Bath & Shower

Nonetheless, I love the bottle and could live with this in my bathroom quite happily. I bought it in my local Tesco for £1.47 I think, and the fragrance (which in all honesty is a bit ethyl maltol, i.e. fake vanilla, with coconut) isn’t the thing – it’s more the base that foams a bit and cleanses nicely that you can add to with essential oils. I’d add some orange or lemon to this to give it a bit more oomph but I’d more likely choose the Ginger or Lime version and add in from there – this is definitely a bit cup-cake in fragrance that dilutes a lot once its in the bath. I mean, you’re never going to get fine fragrance at £1.47 and they’re not pretending to be anything more than sugary but there’s potential here to get a lovely product for not very much that, with a tweak or two, will turn nicely into a personalised blend. You can get Sanex fragrance free for 99p if you want to start from zero but when I Googled about for fragrance free bases they were more expensive than either Treaclemoon or Sanex. If you know differently, please share in comments – this is a good money saver that you can turn into much more of a treat. I’m not adding a link because Treaclemoon is available in most supermarkets.

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