[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Well, this is good news for AA enthusiasts. I’m a big fan of this brand’s aromatherapy oils – they’re what stopped me being an aromatherapy sceptic and taught me that they can be powerful, mood balancing and healing. My ideal bath is taken early evening with Deep Relax, slipping into my pjs (not glamorous) then wrapping up downstairs to watch some innocuous, undemanding TV – extras include the fire being on and a glass of chilled rose in my hand and the dog on my lap.

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Bath & Shower Oil

This rose is a new blend, crafted on and off over five years by Master Blender, Luke Taylor, who keeps to Geraldine Howard’s original intention of blends with ‘intent and purpose’.  There are SO many individual oils in this blend – which is designed to promote positivity – but the key players are Rose, Geranium and Palmarosa. It’s wonderful – a real mood balancer that’s somewhere between nurturing, heart-warming and uplifting.

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Bath & Shower Oil

It is a blend for troubled times, that’s for sure, whether its to touch the unsettled feeling we all have right now or to remind us that it’s okay to take time for you. If it’s out of reach, budget wise, a simple rose oil from your local health store will give you a luxury feel to your bath that is just as valid in nurturing and creating space for yourself. I never thought I would be shifted from Deep Relax (which is a liquid therapist, I swear) but Rose is definitely nudging at top spot. If you’re an early bird for festive shopping (like me) I am strongly eyeing up the engraved bottles (of which there are only 25 each so hurry!) that give positive messages –  You Can, Believe, Your Best Self and Power of Optimism. They’re £49 each (and you get a complimentary hand cream) HERE, non-affiliate HERE.



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