L’Oreal Paris Dream Legs BB Cream

L’Oreal Paris Dream Legs BB Cream is such a great idea! Similar I guess to Sally Hansen Airbursh Legs, it gives skin a blur and a tint as well as moisturising.

Personally, I hate showing my legs – summer is all about the maxi dress for me. There isn’t really anything wrong with them other than years of waxing have left pore marks looking a bit red.. I don’t know.. I just don’t like the skin on my legs really – shins in particular. I’m fine in a bikini or something, but just legs in isolation under a skirt.. I’m oversharing, I know!

L’Oreal Paris Dream Legs BB Cream

I’d suggest that L’Oreal Paris Dream Legs BB Cream is more effective if you have a tiny smatter of tan already – it’s a little bit orange based to go onto marble white skin, but it really does give a smooth and tone evening effect. It’s crucial that you let it dry before you put any clothes on, and I’d hesitate to use this for wearing a white skirt or dress because it’s a wash off product, but in testing I didn’t see any transfer, so you could be confident that it’s not going leave marks all over darker clothing.

L’Oreal Paris Dream Legs BB Cream

So, this is the swatch on the (very white) inside of my arm – I haven’t fully blended it in because I wanted to leave some colour for you to see… I think the smoothing and blur is noticable but once fully blended, you might need to apply a second coat for a more effective result. You do need to bear in mind that it doesn’t contain SPF and I’m not sure how L’Oreal Paris Dream Legs BB Cream reacts with sunscreen or any other body moisturisers over the top – that could easily affect product hold. But as a leg perfecting product, I like it.

You can find it later this month for £9.99.


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