[unpaid/sample] Really, this is the easiest home dye system I’ve ever used – this particular box was sent by the brand but I’ve bought it many times. What’s new is the Miracle Shot and I had to haul myself upstairs with an iron will to actually be bothered to do it – for some reason, dyeing my hair became almost insurmountably onerous and I put it off and off and off. But, as is the way, I’m pleased to have done it – I even sloshed some Tan Luxe onto my skin before I went to bed so woke up looking quite presentable for a change.

Josh Wood Home Colour Miracle Shot

I have to be completely honest and say that I can’t really tell a difference – this is already a great product that I’m fully on board with. That said, I do believe in the science behind this so would rather use it than not going forward. The Josh Wood website is good at explaining it all but in brief, Miracle Shot is a dose of conditioning agents including Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 (to stimulate scalp blood flow) to give an additional moisture boost. Hair treated with Miracle Shot had 62% less breakage, was 2.7 times stronger and had 38% less colour fade and those numbers speak to me. When you dye your hair you alter the pH allowing dye to penetrate more effectively – on rinsing, the pH reduces, sealing the hair cuticles. Conditioner at this point softens the outside of the hair. Adding the Miracle Shot gives conditioning into the hair fibre so condition and colour longevity are improved.

Miracle Shot

I mean, my hair is soft and it is shiny and I’m very pleased with the colour result but I don’t recognise it as being miraculously different to the result I get usually anyway which is always good. But, sometimes it requires a leap of faith and I’m happy to make it in this instance. Anything that keeps my hair in better condition and holds dye for longer is fine – absolutely fine! I’m thinking perhaps I’ll notice the condition more when it’s not newly done and after repeat washes. At the moment, it’s only available as a System that includes the dye, a gloss shot and the miracle shot and it’s £29 HERE. I’m hoping it becomes available as a single opt in product at some point. Oh, when this was sent, they also sent me a bowl which has proved to be the one of the most useful things I’ve had (I mean buy one on eBay specifically for the job) for keeping the gloves and clips in when they have to come on and off. There is no trace, for a change, of me dyeing my hair other than on my hair this time around.




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