[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve used Kansha Alchemy supplements for a long time – since the brand was founded actually. Just by a quirk of circumstance, I’m not taking any at the moment but that’s only because I decided I was taking too many supplements and would have a bit of a break, dropping down to just a multi-vitamin and Imedeen. It’s my own fault – I cannot resist a supplement but my daily intake started to feel like a meal in itself. I also am taking a liquid supplement called Think Drink from Neubria to try and help with brain fog (it’s £34.99 HERE) but because it is a drink I can just sip at (and it tastes lovely and fruity) it doesn’t feel like another supplement.

Kansha Alchemy Biotin Booster

Next up on my list of supplements is Kansha Alchemy’s Biotin Booster. There’s no reason not to take it because it supports so many things, but Kansha has a focus on hair (the supplements I was taking for 2 years was Good Hair and I will definitely take again) so hair and nails is where Biotin can be most helpful. My nails are terrible – I somehow swing from having great nails to terrible nails with not much in between. I know that sanitizing (which obviously, I’m not stopping) and gardening haven’t helped one bit. It’s helpful that Biotin Booster is one a day – I have no time for supplements that need to be taken at different times of the day. I mean, who remembers that? This is a super strength version that encourages hair regrowth, helps to increase hair thickness and promotes stronger nails (by stopping splitting and flaking – flaking being one of my biggest issues).

Biotin can help with blood sugar, metabolism and lowering inflammation – in fact, I’m going to start them tomorrow because the more I read the more I wonder why I waited. Obviously, this is a unisex supplement and feels good value at £15.99 for 3 months supply. You can find it HERE. Kansha Alchemy doesn’t use synthetic fillers and also contains folic acid, zinc, selenium and B12. I should add in that Kansha Alchemy is a small UK brand because I know we like to support small brands and I will also add that supplements take ages to work – months, usually but you could expect to see improvement by the end of the bottle.



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