[unpaid/sample] I’ve grown to very much like this Swedish hair care brand – it’s a mindful brand that contributes to climate compensation via reforestation and is vegan and PETA certified. Their production plant in the south of Sweden uses solar panels to generate energy, uses an air condensation unit that ploughs energy back into the production line and deploys energy efficient product runs. In terms of healthy working conditions, there’s a fully equipped gym for staff, electric car stations and a plant wall for cleaner air although I have yet to see a long term successful one of those! They all start to look a bit ropey after a while.  The beauty bags are all made from recycled mesh from PET bottles.

Maria Nila Styling Bag

I’ve got the Styling Bag here although there are several ‘collections’ as well as individual products. But, since I’m styling averse, it’s good to be taken out of my comfort zone although you’re not going to catch me with ‘beach waves’ or any kind of salt spray to be honest. I don’t mind a bit of bouffing but I’m not going to fool anyone that I’ve just got off my board in Cornwall so it’s best left well alone I think.

Maria Nila Styling Bag

Products of note in this selection are the Quick Dry Heat Spray – it’s impressive; a blend of water repelling ingredients that protects the hair, adds shine and speeding up the blow dry process. It smells gorgeous, too – a kind of fruity floral. The True Soft Argan Oil is another star – beautifully softening on dry ends or use on wet hair after shampooing as a leave-in conditioner. You only need a few drops at a time so it will last for ages.

Power Powder and Cleansing Powder are both efficient at what they’re supposed to do. I think we get so used to spraying things out of a can we forget the power of powder (which is also in any sprayable dry shampoos). Power Powder does a nice bouffing job by lifting at the root to stop hair going limp or just give a bit more muscle to your do, while Cleansing Powder absorbs oil and again, is best applied at the roots for one-more-day hair. They’re all useful things to have – if you’re always short on time, it’s really a bag of tricks, but if you love styling your hair, the QR code on the back of the packaging reveals various styles to try. I don’t understand how the same person who wants polished, clean looking, soft and conditioned hair also wants to look like they got ejected in a rush from the centre of a wave but what do I know! Anyway, there are sets for dry hair, colour preserving, volumising and a Sheer Silver set for blonde and grey hair to get it glowing if you’ve let your greys grow in. The Styling Set is £48 HERE and for greys or bleached hair take a look at the Silver Shot, £6.50 HERE, a concentrate conditioning treatment with violet pigment to cool tones.


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