[unpaid/sample/prioradrelationship] I can’t help myself with supplements – every single supplement sounds good to me – a bit more energy, better sleep, more immunity, nicer nails – so I have to really regulate myself not to buy everything I come across. I already take Advanced Nutrition Skin Moisture IQ which is great for keeping the skin on  my face and body hydrated (no white flakes on black jeans) so I thought I am done – no more skin supplements because I have what I need. BUT, I’m very taken with the idea of Blue Filter.

Advanced Nutrition Blue

Blue light is a mercurial thing – on  the one hand it can be beneficial for our health and our skin, but on the other, too much of  it can have a damaging effect. As the shortest wavelength of visible light, it has the most energy so a little goes a long way – pigment increase, oxidative damage and inflammation could easily be the result of too much. That said, if you’re wearing a daily SPF you are protecting yourself from the blunt force of blue light so a supplement should be seen as a belt and braces approach. Advanced Nutrition has partnered with lab in Germany who measure skin damage from blue light (called the Lipbarvis method) – 56 days on Blue Filter showed a 17% improvement in hydration, 19% improvement in redness and 16% improvement on skin creasing. However, it’s not clear what a 16% improvement actually looks – it reminds me of mascara claims of ‘10000000 x longer’  but ends up looking marginally the same as your old mascara. But, this particular brand is super careful on their claims – they underclaim rather than overclaim. The main protectors, ingredient wise, are Vitamin E, Olive Fruit Extract, Lutein + Zeaxanthin and Biotin B7.

Advanced Nutrition Blue

It’s the thing of skin having two sides – you can protect from within as well as on the outside with SPF. I think if you are prone to pigmentation, it may well be of help to you and if you love looking after your skin then you won’t go wrong with Blue Filter. I actually really want to take it – I’m in front of my computer day in, day out and while that’s not where I pick up the majority of blue light exposure (sorry, but it’s sun that’s the main culprit) and I love being in the sunshine I feel this is back up protection that could be very useful. It’s £48 HERE for two month’s worth so a considered purchase, but is definitely worth the consideration.


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