[unpaid/sample] I’m kicking off the week with the most tricky thing to write about – Escentric Molecules fragrance. I’ve read several articles explaining the art of binding fragrance molecules with pheromone-like compounds to make a scent that creates more of an emotion than a smell. Escentric Molecules 1, which sparked the notion that perhaps it’s true that a single molecule fragrance is the very thing to keep sap rising, so to speak. The molecule in Escentric Molecules 1 is chemical composition, Iso E Super, which without an accompanying ‘lifter’ will smell either of woods or nothing at all, although you will, apparently, smell particularly lovely to others. Given that you may well not be able to smell it all on yourself, you have to believe, otherwise, no point in bothering. But so many did believe, at the time of its launch, that it became an immediate success – so much so that we are now on version 5. Think of Escentric Molecules fragrances like a gin and tonic – individual alone but better together.

Escentric Molecules 5

While Molecule 1 makes no sense to me because I am one of the people who can’t smell it at all and with social distancing, can’t even lure in innocent bystanders with my secret olfactory attractiveness as a result of blending the Iso E Super molecule with my own skin chemistry. However, 5 is a different matter all together. After really struggling to understand the need for two fragrances in order to make one spectacular smell, I absolutely do get it now without necessarily fully understanding the method. If you’ve been to the cinema to see Tenet, it’s a similar mind-bending experience – you understand enough to enjoy it but are also aware that there’s a lot that went right over your head :-).

Escentric Molecules 5

The fragrance molecule in Escentric Molecules 5 is cashmeran which, unlike Molecule 1, I can smell as a dry, woody composition. Escentric 5 is a blend of bergamot, laurel and rosemary, with a resinous twist from mastic. It’s somewhat sparkling at first spritz turning to crisp before drying down to balsamic woodiness with an after note of sports rub. The first spritz is the best of this (for me) because the citrus is so vibrant. It takes a while to settle which is lovely – I like the phases of this fragrance that keep it interesting.

Escentric Molecules

You don’t need both together – in this pairing, one without the other is fine, but as I say, think of your gin without the tonic which at times is something you might prefer and at others you can’t imagine them apart. My advice would be to go for the ‘portables’ – 30ml for £46 HERE which are shown with their cases in the post. The refills are £36 but to be honest, you don’t really need the case if you are curious but not committed and don’t want the outlay (full size is £80) – you could quite easily just get a refill to give it a whirl.


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