[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] Lip balms are my true beauty love so I like to think I know a great one when I come across it. The Body Shop Avocado Overnight Lip Mask is pretty much perfection when it comes to conditioning and moisturising the lips – it’s an overnight mask, as you can see, and cutting to the chase, you will wake up with nicely hydrated and smooth lips.

The Body Shop Avocado Overnight Lip Mask Review

An issue with overnight masks is, I feel, that formulators feel they have to make them thick in order for them to be night-worthy. That’s not really the case as long as the ingredients will work intensely over a long period, which I feel does happen with The Body Shop’s version and does so without the the thickness or gloop of other lip masks I’ve tried. Its a mix of castor, shea, rice bran and jojoba, with avocado hovering quite low on the INCI. No matter, because it’s a very good blend and the absence of thickness means you can wear it in the day time too as a thin film. It’s £8 HERE.

The Body Shop Mango Sugar Lip Scrub

The Body Shop Mango Sugar Lip Scrub is very sugary! When I received this sample, it was on a cold day, and the scrub was somewhat stiff. It’s still cold now (at the time of writing) but I hope that the base of shea and sweet almond will soften somewhat because it’s off-puttingly firm.

There is so much sugar in this though (top listed ingredient) that if your lips do need a very thorough exfoliation, your luck is in. However, sugar sounds sweet and inviting but it’s rather angular and while not sharp exactly, it’s not as gentle on your lips as some I’ve tried. These are the full granule (none of your lightweight ‘castor’ size) and I worry that perhaps it’s going to be just a bit too rough on more sensitive souls. You get plenty of mango coming through, followed by a bit of a waxy after-taste. It’s also £8 HERE.


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