[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s ages since I’ve seen & Other Stories but readers often recommend their fragrances and I can see why now.

& Other Stories Midnight Encore

The first spritz of Midnight Encore is absolutely full of identifiable notes – definitely pepper (which might give you a nose twitch), definitely fresh fig leaves, definitely smooth woods and the coconut water certainly gives it an aquatic element. I appreciate a fragrance that isn’t just a splat of notes that confuse the nose by being too much of everything at the same time.

Midnight Encore

I don’t get any salted musk but I’m not sure your average customer (like me) would be able to identify that – I really have no idea what it is supposed to smell like but there’s a green element (in the same family as tomato leaf to my nose) that is more than the fig and I’m guessing it’s the jasmine leaves. It’s certainly a more complex fragrance than I was expecting – I needed to top up about midway through the day – and really quite interesting. I think it’s one for anyone who steers away from florals but likes a fresh, green fragrance with a sweet and moody side and feels like very good value at £28 HERE.  The Midnight Encore Hand Soap smells sweeter than the actual fragrance – as you’d expect, it’s not on the same level of intensity but leaves a pleasing waft once you have dried your hands – again, great value at £6 HERE.

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