[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I don’t remember the original iteration of  Turquatic which I think was around 2011 but if ever a brand was well placed to make decent fragrance, it’s MAC. They’re part of Estee Lauder group of companies so they have fragrance noses and manufacturing at their fingertips.

MAC Turquatic

While this doesn’t light any major olfactory fires for me as other fragrances have this week, gosh, it’s an easy wear that’s very pleasant indeed. There is an un-sugary sweetness set in an aquatic and light base and I’m guessing it comes from the orris which works very nicely with the sharp juiciness provided by cedrat. I literally have no idea what fresh lotus leaves smell like – I can’t even guess – but if you do you may be able to pick it out as it’s listed as a key note.

MAC Turquatic Fragrance Review

In terms of floral, there’s anemone to add a whisp of flowers and cedar is your grounding note. What’s surprising about MAC Turquatic is how it really doesn’t lean to any gender – it’s probably the most gender neutral fragrance I’ve smelled to date and will be delicious no matter who wears it. It’s not a shouty fragrance, it’s one of those that sits with a quiet presence that’s rather charming. There used to be a roller ball version of this and I don’t know whether it’s available in store (not on line currently) but it would certainly be a more affordable way to try it. As it is, the full size is £45 HERE, and the bottle is just beautiful. I’d be happy to see that every day.


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 fresh lotus leaves, Corsican cedrat, and a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar.

hat is MAC Turquatic. Light and watery, it’s like a cleaner, crisper, less sugary sweet version of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, …

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