[unpaid/sample] While I was talking to my friend Nadine about Covid aches and pains and how they were still lingering in my legs (so achy) she said I needed to try Ila Spa Bath Salts. As she works with the brand, a few days later these two beautiful bath salts arrived and she was right – I did need to try them because they’re incredible. I love a bath salt and I don’t mind if it’s a bag from TK Maxx (although cumbersome to carry home) or something fancier but after yoga or walks, salts are my friend. Ila Spa Beyond Organic Bath Salts would easily fall into the fancy category because they’re £49 a pot but they are extra special.

Ila Spa Beyond Organic Bath Salts

I didn’t read the ‘two tablespoons’ of salts per bath instruction so I will a bit over-generous the first time I tried them but it was the most blissful bath and very much needed because sure enough, my legs and back were so soothed. They gently tingled (in a good way) for quite some time afterwards – it was actually quite a healing experience. As you can see from the label, the aromatherapy oils at work are Rose Otto, Jasmine and Sandalwood and this is at a very generous level. The salts contain 84 minerals and trace elements including magnesium which I think very much did its work here.

Ila Spa

The alternative to Inner Peace is Cleansing (not specified whether it’s mind or body – or both!) and this has juniper, geranium, lemongrass and lavender. I mean, I am not at all woo so I had a hard time getting my head around the negative ion cleanse but when it comes to stimulating circulation, I could literally feel it and while hot water is always soothing for aches I really don’t get the same after effects from plain water. Ideally, these are at their best when they’re really needed – such as when you’re tired, achy or stressed – and not for everyday use unless your budget allows for it (actually, you can buy the refill bags for £34 HERE and use your own jar and that makes a significant swathe into the cost). The brand calls them ‘miracle’ salts which generally I would have no time for – but there’s definitely something more than your average salt in these.


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