Christopher Columbus – Exploration to the Uncharted America

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A long time ago, going for an exploration of the uncharted world is one of the most beneficial jobs in the world. Why? When you find an uncharted land for your country, for you kings in the past, your name will be famous, and you will be rich. So, today we will talk about the one who explored the uncharted American continent, Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus – Exploration to the Uncharted America

Christopher Columbus – Exploration to the Uncharted America

Past Life

Columbus was born on October 31, 1451, in Genoa, Italy. His father, named Domenico Colombo, is just a merchant who sells wool. When Columbus was in youth, he got a job as a part of trader ship crews. He has been in the sea until 1470 until a French trader ship attacked.

The ship was sunk, but Columbus survived by holding into a floating wood from the shipwreck. He floated until he reached Lisbon, Portugal. In Lisbon, Columbus learned math, astronomy, cartography, and navigation science. He planned to change the world.

In 1473, the young Columbus apprenticed as a slot deposit pulsa business agent for many respected families, such as Centurione and Spinola. He also took part in the delivery of precious cargo to North Europe. After that, he went to Galway, Ireland, before he went back to Lisbon again in 1477.

Christopher Columbus – Exploration to the Uncharted America

Christopher Columbus – Exploration to the Uncharted America

Columbus exploration to America

Intelligence people during that time thought that the Atlantic Ocean is in-between Europe and East-Indie. Christopher Columbus went to the kings of Europe with a proposal, trying to persuade the king to approve it. He went to Portugal and England for that. However, his proposal declined. Then, he went to Spain to persuade King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Declined, again. But, in 1492, it was approved.

On August 3, 1792, Columbus sailed from Spain with 3 small ships, Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina. On October 12, he arrived in Watling Island in Bahama, and he claimed for Spain.

In the same month, He saw Cuba, which he thought was The Plains of China. In December, the expedition landed in Hispaniola, which he thought, too, is Japan. He established a small colony there with 39 people from his crew.

His expedition team returned in March 1793, along with golds, spices, and “Indian” prisoners. His team received the highest tribute by the Spanish court.

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