The History of America

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The United States of America is one of the countries located in the American Continent, exactly in the northern part. The history of this country is pretty long, before it was found by Christopher Columbus until it becomes a powerful country as today. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, it is believed that the United States of America was inhabited by people probably came from Asian Continent before Columbus came. The first population possibly arrived around 20,000 to 35,000 years earlier in a series of migrations from Asia to North America via the Bering Strait.

When the first European people appeared, indigenous people who are known as Indian people had spread and occupied parts of America. When Christopher Columbus arrived on August 1st, 1498, the Indians who become Americans now are considered to have varied. It can be generally said that the American Indians as a whole have a significant influence on civilizations transplanted from Europe. They have different cultures among communities spread in many regions.

The Arrival of Europeans

During the colonialism period, there were several European countries that colonized the American Continent. Such as England, French, Spain, and Portuguese. Spain was the first country that arrived in the American Continent through the expedition of Christopher Columbus. England had a theoretical claim to the mainland of North America in 1497 on the voyage of John Cabot off the Coast of Nova Scotia. Since it was proven that America was a suitable place for settlement, some British people traveled to certain colonies.

Arrival of Europeans

Arrival of Europeans

They hoped that America would provide increased economic opportunities in the form of free or affordable land. At the end of 1610, the British sent around 50,000 inmates to the American colonies. The growth of colonies was a bad thing for native Americans. They lost their homes and died during the conflict. After the colonies in Virginia were founded, then the colonies in America flourished. In 1733, there were 13 colonies in America. They had the power and natural resources that exist in America.

The Revolution of the United States of America

In 1776, the American Revolution occured. The American Revolution occured due to poor relations between the colony and its mother country, which was the British government. The British argued that the colonies had no right to have their own government. The British government then revoked the rights of the independence of the colony. They gave a large tax, and did not provide representation in the government.

The policies issued by the British government by banning trading were very burdensome. Even some regulations were issued and it was very detrimental to the colonists. Hostilities between the British and the colonists were intensified. According to History, a battle occurred on April 19th, 1775, among the troops formed by Massachusetts with the British in Lexington. Since that time, the American Revolution began. The idea and desire for independence from England continued to strengthen. On July 4th, 1776, the Thirteen Colonies declared independence from the British empire which was by the Second Continental Congress. A total of 13 colonies agreed to the United States Declaration of Independence.

Things to Know About the America Before

America is now known as the largest superpower in the world. Almost all of the world experiences dependence because of being influenced and has debt assistance to the America. It has been instrumental in assisting government activities within the country, particularly in trade affairs.

Even so, it turns out that the condition of the successful America today is inversely proportional to the condition of the previous America. In a way, if the United States of America was not a great country as it is now. Therefore, here are some things about the history of the America that you need to know.

Colonial country

Who would have thought if a colonial state that used to be could be a successful country, and even become a superpower in the world today? In the past, the America was only a colonial country. Not a country that immediately stood up and made achievements until now.

According to the history of the America itself, at that time was a colony of Great Britain. This act of colonialism was based on the existence of a British colony that settled in the North American region. This is the basis of the assigned area is a colony for Great Britain.

Colonial country

Colonial country

Not only Great Britain, but other countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, and also France. Even so, the efforts and struggles of the United States to make other countries such as the Netherlands and France become their allies to prepare to be friends in the fight against Great Britain who still has not released the America from the grip of their colonialism.

Independence is obtained through struggle

Although as an area of ​​the colonial state, but the effort for the independence of the United States of America was carried out in its way. Namely by carrying out resistance and rebellion against Great Britain directly. In contrast to the colonial territories of Great Britain where most of the independence was granted by Great Britain.

In fact, in formulating the state constitution, the contribution of the United Kingdom itself is very limited and is dominated in part by the America itself. At that time, although still in the grip of British colonialism, the America had even held a presidential election for the first time.

In that case, George Washington was officially elected as the first president of the United States. George Washington also became the leader of US forces in the siege of British troops in Yorktown. This battle marks the end of the war between Great Britain and the United States in the recorded history of the America.

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